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UIEA chairman led a delegation to visit Yingkou

Sir Michael Leung, chairman of UIEA and USA American African Asian chamber of commerce ,led members of the investment enterprises of UIEA to investigate Yingkou on May 25 2016. Duing in Yingkou,they  received warm reception from deputy mayor Dong Yongan and  deputy mayor Gaoliang. All departments and offices of Yingkou  attended the meeting, Sir Michael Leung exchanged views on investment projects with government officials.Meanwhile, they introduced the policy and incentives of attracting investment to delegation. After government officials led the delegation to investigate Wangershan mountain scenic spot£¨Liaoning Qunxing  group Co., Ltd. ,Qinheyuan hot spring and pension industry and Bayuquan area .The foreign party was very satisfied with the investigation and discussed on how to implement the projects with the leader of Yingkou economic and technological development Zone. Sir Michael Leung hope the government can give support.At the same time ,the government arranged a deep conservation for local enterprises and the foreign party.The investigation was very smooth and the two sides reached a number of consensus.
author:      Published at: 2016-7-5 17:40:37
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