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Leaders of UIEA Investigated Liaoyuan Group in Chaoyang

On March 15, 2016£¨vice president Dingjisheng from UIEA  in China and directer Xudianqin from Sino US Energy and Environment Committee have investigated Liaoyuan group of chaoyang in Liaoning province. The two sides reached a consensus on the new energy automotive production and marketing. The project is a strategic cooperation development plan, it is based on the remarks of nationwide generalization of new energy vehicles by Prime Minister Li Keqiang at the two sessions, draws from the advanced new energy technology in the US and work with cooperative Chinese manufactures of Sino-US Energy and Environment Committee. UIEA will promote it to the whole nation by means of new network marketing platform that was formed by the capital, technology, sales network. In 2016 to 2020, China will further popularize the new energy vehicles and plug-in electric cars will be gradually into the ordinary family. If we can set up a production line in Liaoyuan group, it is bound to  reduce the logistics cost of sales in the northern part of China.

author:      Published at: 2016-7-5 17:36:55
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