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Leadership of UIEA and Shanhaiguan District Government Had a Negotiation on the Project of This Dist

On March 21 2016,President Wang Zhongyi,vice precidents He Yongqiang and Ding Jisheng from UIEA and directer Xu Dianqin from Sino US Energy and Environment Committee investigated Shanhaiguan district in Qinhuangdao. During they received a warm reception by Shanhaiguan district government. They had a deep negotiation on the projects of new energy vehicles,sino foreign joint venture hospital and  municipal garbage can. During the investigation, all departments and offices of Shanhaiguan District Government had attended the meeting and exchange views on education, health care, and environment protection, etc. with leadership of UIEA .We evaluated the projects which may be invested in Shanghaiguan. We reached a consensus with Shanhaiguan district government. Municipal garbage can project was in line with the national smart city development strategy .Smart city development concept was proposed in Shanghaiguan district.UIEA member enterprises final signed investment contract.
author:      Published at: 2016-7-5 14:33:12
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