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The Irish Embassy in China Held the 2016 National Day Reception

In order to celebrate Irish National Day, the Irish Embassy in China held a reception on March 17th 2016. The executive secretary Liuqiyuan and the deputy secretary Zhangshicai form UIEA were invited to dinner by Ireland¡¯s ambassador to China, Mr.Paul Kavanagh.

In recent years£¬UIEA has an increasing number of contacts with Irish companies.They have established a close relationship of cooperation. Mr.Paul Kavanagh made a wonderful speech at the dinner.After the dinner,the executive secretary Liuqiyuan made a deep communication on cooperation of Ireland's enterprise in China with Mr.Paul Kavanagh .As a rusult that  built up a solid foundation for bilateral relations.

author:      Published at: 2016-7-5 13:45:35
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