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After years of effort, Sino-US relation has become the most dynamic in the world. It also has become the most important bilateral relation between the two countries. In order to enhance the communication between the Chinese economic and trade enterprises and the American city business circles, as well as to encourage the international exchanges and cooperation in the Chinese government and enterprises, show the advantages of the Chinese companies, establish the scientific development, and then to better promote China-US economic and cultural communication and cooperation, the 2016 Sino-US Economic, Trade and Cultural Cooperation and Annual Fellowship Cocktail Party will be held by the USA China Entrepreneurs Association and the European Chinese Chamber of Commerce. Its theme is ¡°gathering the United States and China, and creating a better future¡±.

The cocktail party will be held in Beijing on January 17, 2016. The relevant state leaders, foreign diplomats, business officials, representatives of the Chamber of Commerce, and foreign entrepreneurs will attend the cocktail party. In particular, the America¡¯s mayor delegation, Chinese government officials, excellent entrepreneurs, leaders of investment banks, Foreign Merchants Association in China, public officials who are in charge of economic work, distinguished persons in business, and the celebrities in entertainment industry will be present also.

The objective of the event is crossing borders, sharing resources, promoting communication and harmonious development. The cooperation between the United States and China will be introduced, including logistics, historical relics, laws, agriculture, health industry, and finance. The event will integrate conversation, marketing, negotiation, and social gathering by a new form, a unique style, and rich content. It can be believed that the fruitful results will be achieved by attending this event.

We cordially invite you to attend the activity, and looking forward to your visit. We believe that a more satisfactory success of this activity will be achieved because of your participation.

USA China Entrepreneurs Association Beijing Office
November 5, 2016

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