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Chinese wine fragrance in the Celebration of Spirits of the Americas

The 10th anniversary of the Celebration of Spirits of the Americas, hosted by Assistant Secretary General Albert Ramdin, was held at the historic Hall of the Americas at the headquarters of the Organization of the American States in Washington, D.C..More than 400 guests, including representatives of governments , embassies, permanent observers and dignitaries from around the world, attended the event. This year's event featured a special presentation of traditional music, performances, costumes, clothing, food and spirits of all Member States of the OAS, providing a unique snapshot of the diverse societies of the Americas. The event climaxed with the annual auction.This was the third time for the Permanent Observer Mission of China to the OAS to participate in this cultural event. The decoration of the Chinese stand, the food, wine and souvenir offered by the Mission impressed a lot of guests. Accompanied by Alternate Observer of China to the OAS Liang Yu, Assistant Secretary General Albert Ramdin came to the Chinese stand and tasted the traditional Chinese food and wine. He was deeply impressed by the unique wine culture and cuisines of China.For many years, the Celebration of Spirits of the Americas has been a very important stage for the OAS Member States and the Permanent Observer Missions to show their unique spirits, special cuisines and traditional culture. The participation of China, brings an attractive and exotic color to the event, deepens the western people's knowledge and understanding of China and promotes the cultural exchange and cooperation between China and the OAS.

author:      Published at: 2015-5-18 10:41:40
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