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Leaders and their responsibility of USA China Entrepreneurs Association

Leaders and their responsibility of USA China Entrepreneurs Association

In order to better develop the association, and service the social, now the members of third council work as follows after the leaders researched according to the working range in regulations of USA China Entrepreneurs Association.

Leaders and their work.

1. President of a council and honorary chairman
Zhongyi Wang -- board director of Huayi Brothers who is in charge of the management.
2. President
Peter -- CEO of USA International Trade Network Group, he manages the secretariat, and the finance.
3. Senior vice chairman and the chief representative
Zongwei Yan--the chairman of Global Huixin ( Beijing ) Tourism Development Co., Ltd., he is in charge of the daily work, help the president to manage the secretariat, finance. He is responsible for the contact between governments and companies in China and USA, the investment by our members. Also helping the president to manage the branches¡¯ work. 
4. Vice-chairman
Yongqiang He -- the division head of energy management branch of People¡¯s Daily. His work is to help the chairman to improve the communication between members and association.
5. Vice-chairman
Zhaowei Liu -- board director of California Real Estate Investment Loan Company, he manages the international study abroad and foreign trade, organizes the investigation in China or go abroad.
6. Vice - chairman
Anthony--the chairman of Beijing New Dream Talent Cultural Media Co., Ltd. . He does the China-USA cultural communication, education, training and others.
7. Vice chairman
Yehai Ren--the editor-in-chief of Trade Site. He manages the cooperation bridge between members, provides the consultation service, like business information, technical progress, business management and others.
8. Vice chairman
E¡¯er Denihan--secretary-general of China Peace Fund, he manages the contact between the chamber of commerce, and collects, responses the advice and others.
9.Vice chairman
Ming Lei--the director of Beijing Zhonggushang Museum. He manages the construction and logistics. 
10.Vice chairman
David--director of the china area purchase department of International Yilu Group, he manages the foreign trade, organizes the trade fair.
11.Vice chairman
Gang Chen--chairman of the Inner Mongolia Real Estate Development Co., Ltd, he manages the social business, and provides the finance service, and join the social and public welfare undertakings.
12.Vice chairman
Yongsheng Wang--vice president of Lijia Group, he manages the Pinggu Yaluan Mountain project.
Xiaojing Liu--deputy manager of Hongkong Literature and Art Station. She manages the daily work.
14. Deputy general manager
Shicai Zhang--director of Beijing Fortune Business Club. He manages the contact work between the government, companies, offices, and consturction the web, member training, member service.
15.Deputy general manager
Shibin Wang--director of Beijing Sanpin Advertising Co., Ltd. She manages the Business Express and contact work. 
16. Office director
Qiwen Li -- director of Fortune Business ( Beijing ) Media Advertising Development Co,. Ltd. He manages the staffing, and choices the members, office work.
17. Vice secretary-general
Yanfeng He-- vice secretary general of Zhongjin International Finance Alliance. He is in charge of the investment, provide the consulting and cooperation service.
18. Vice secretary-general
Yun Zhao -- director of Beijing Yifeitai Advertising Co., Ltd. She manages the cooperation of China-USA Super Model Contest, Miss city of the world contest, organizes the activities.
19. Vice secretary-general
Bo Zhang -- the deputy director of social development institution of China management science institution
20. Vice secretary-general
Qin Pang -- director of Beijing Woman Entrepreneurs Golf Club
21. Secretary - general
Mai Xu -- planning supervisor of Fortune Business ( Beijing ) Media Advertising Co,. Ltd.
22. Vice chairman
Yineng Ao -- chairman of Yunnan Wenshan Mining Group
23. Vice chairman
Peng Du -- chairman of Hongkong Pengle Packaging Group
24. Vice chairman
Weiming Gong -- chairman of Blucc Group and the operation chairman of Maotai wine
25. Vice chairman
Chi Ma -- director Zhonghaihongyun Health Management Tech, Co,. Ltd.
26. Vice chairman
Junqiang Li -- director of Tianqingruyuan
27.Vice chairman
Hanzhou Su -- director of An¡¯hui Qile Wine Industry Co., Ltd.
28. Vice chairman
Chunyu Liu -- director of Beijing Shuilifang Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.
29. Vice chairman
Yufeng Zhou -- executive director of Beijing Ronghengtaiyue Investment Management Co., Ltd
30. Vice chairman
Zhaowen Zhang -- chairman of Taiwan Yimeifangyan Cosmetic Company
31. Supervisory
Jianhua Wu -- deputy chief attorney of Beijing Haihongda Law Office

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