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Inspection of Investment Delegation of Chamber of Commerce in Shanxi organized by UIEA and ECCC

    The government of Shan¨xi Province invited the investment delegation, which were organized by the UIEA and ECCC, to inspect in Shanxi on May 22. Xu Zhuoya, who was the leader of the delegation, took indoor ski project and the agricultural project to discuss the cooperation in Shanxi. The group was constituted by Henri Leloup (chairman of the Snow&Leisure Development BV),Bart de Boer (chairman of the De Efteling), Jan Klerk (chairman of Klerk Bouwmanagement BV). Accompanied by the leaders of Shanxi Province, we inspected the Phoenix Ridge, and reached the preliminary intention on indoor ski project and agricultural project. Yu Tengbin, who is the association director of Shanxi Province, held the welcome ceremony for the foreign businessmen.

author:      Published at: 2014-6-20 14:28:40
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