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Europe-US Industrial Park Set Up in Hai’an Jiangsu

      UIEA vice chairman Uwe Peter and general secretary Steven Yan went to Hai’an Jiangsu to signed the Europe-US Industrial Park contract with the county government.

     The planning area of Europe-US Industrial Park is 3 square kilometers, 2 billion US dollars of total investment. Europe-US Industrial Park is located at Hai’an economic and technological development zone, between Nantong and Yanchen. It is the national development strategy - Jiangsu coastal development important growth point, and they also have the triangle economic integration national development strategic advantages. UIEA has invested 200 million yuan for the plant construction and related facilities. We set up Europe-US Industrial Park Management Corporation to manage industrial park and attract foreign investment. Mainly focus on advanced equipment manufacturing, new material and new energy, photovoltaic photoelectric, biological science and technology industries.


author:      Published at: 2012-9-14 16:55:50
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