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International Conference on Aviation City will make its debut in China

By Air Hong Kong Limited (ACL) to host, Insight Media organized and planned the 2010 China International Aviation City meeting will be held April 21 -23 in Beijing.

Mainland China held the first as a world-class aviation industry city event, then there will be from the world's major airports, Airport, airlines and related industries CEO, president, on the "invading industry" development, especially in aviation city building is moving towards, to share experiences and discuss the future of aviation city trends.

As organizers of this meeting, Air Hong Kong Limited (ACL) was officially launched in September last year, according to the "Wings of the city" as the theme of "2010 Beijing International Aviation City Convention (ACE 2010)" project.

According to report, Air Hong Kong Limited has been building for the Beijing Aviation City launched a series of projects, including the first bonded logistics park relying on airport - a comprehensive Free Trade Zone is located in the Beijing Tianzhu Airport customs clearance within the capital base of construction projects.

Air Hong Kong hope that, through a long-term operations management and customs clearance of successful experience to promote Beijing to develop into an international air logistics hub in Northeast Asia, and mature experience be extended to other Chinese aviation hub cities, the common driving China's rapid economic development Linkong industry.

Chen Weidong, vice mayor of Beijing, Shunyi District, told reporters that after completion of the Beijing Aviation City will be a set of air transport, logistics, shopping mall, travel and leisure, industrial development and many other functions in one large complex, drive around the airport area economic and social development. Beijing Aviation City will be a set of overhead industrial center, international communication satellite gateway and Beijing, as one of the 21st century, Aviation City.

author:      Published at: 2010-3-22 13:40:46
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