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2008 Chinese Merchandise Exhibition Open at Santiago, Chile

     November 27th, 2008 Chinese Merchandise Exhibition openning Ceremony open at the Capital of Chile---Santiago. Yuqin Liu of ambassador in Chile, vice-minister of Interior Ministy, master of Asia-pacific area of Foreign Affairs Ministry, Xiaoli Zhang of Leader of the delegation were invited to the ceremony and had a speech. Officers of Chile°Įs departments and committees, chairmen of some business associations, some entrepreneurs, foreign ambassadors and some business officers were the members of this ceremony. This exhibtion was ended in November 30th .
    There were 46 interior enterprises took apart in this exhibition although the bad effects of Globe Financial Crisis. They brought the items including engneering machines, motocycles, automobiles, saving-energy bulbs and light industry merchandises in the exhibition, a series of high-tech electron items got high attention by guests and media.

author:UIEA      Published at: 2008-12-4 16:47:52
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